New MKS Logo

Posted by SEB CHEUNG on

As MKS® branded Nato straps continue to grow in following and with the new streamlined site I thought it a good time to update the MKS logo.

Having gone through a range styles, each with their own vibe I settled on 2 designs.

Both really unique, with hidden quirks & symbology. Really clever designs....

Undecided, I did what any sensible millennial & aspring instagram influencer would do, I put it out there to a poll in my insta feed.

The result was convincing....

Many thanks for everyone who took the time to send me your feedback it's much appreciated.

What do you think of our new logo? Clever use of the MKS in one symbol.

Big shout out to Mr.Sean for the design & the phrase "it's easy to be clever but hard to be simple" springs to mind.




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