The King is dead......long live the king.

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The beloved SKX007 has been rumuored to being dis-continued for awhile now.

With the release of a new Seiko 5 Divers' with an updated 4R36 movement & SKX case & looks, it now seems the torch has been handed over.

As with most things Seiko & in particular the last couple of years this isn't without controversy, with a hardcore following of Seiko fans it must be hard to keep everyone happy.

Ok, so the bad first. There's no screw down crown & water resistance is 100m.

The IS06425 certified SKX007 & 009 has a screw down & 200m WR.

The good, we get an updated 4R36 (with hacking) & a plethora of SKX themed variants to choose from (27 to be exact).

As well, I can't help but think this is a very special moment & time to celebrate the brand. Their shaking things up & making a bold move to capture a new younger audience.

For myself, the SKX will always have a special place as it was my entry level watch into automatic pieces.

With the re-branding of the Seiko 5 range I feel this offers that opportunity to a new & younger audience.

I for one am looking forward to seeing these next month & how well these fair over time.

Check out my ramble on this release on YT.


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