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MKS Zulu Watch Straps (Nato straps jacked up)

Lapis Lazuli AKA 'Persian Blue' (precious stone) has been mined since antiquity (7000 B.C.) for its' intense vibrant colour. Exported to Europe in the middle ages to create the finest of blue pigments.
This latest addition adds a flash & pop of colour to your wrist.
At 1.8mm thick these look great worn above the cuff in a high profile position. Prominent & a focal point of your daily swag.

These are slightly thicker than Nato’s & are1.8mm & have chunkier hardware.
Ideal for bigger watches such as dive watches or large field watches.

It is easy to fit these straps to your watch and they are quickly interchangeable.

This strap has stitches rather than heat welding at the joints for extra strength.
The buckles are Stainless Steel in a brushed finish.
They are also engraved (subtle MKS on main buckle) with our custom font so you know that you are buying an original MonkeySwag product.

- Stitched Joints.
- Heat sealed edges and holes.
- Stainless steel buckles.
- Available in sizes; 20,22 & 24mm
- Length 280mm
- Thickness 1.8mm

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strong colour, chunky metalwork, sits well on the wrist.