Casio Classic Digital Rare Onyx Black & Gold

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The Casio Onyx

A custom Casio brought to you by MonkeySwag!
This watch is rare, it’s awesome, it’s undercover cool.

Features an original Casio PVD coated 3 link bracelet. A glimmer of gold surrounds the face. Be prepared for people to ask you where you got this watch. They are still reserved for the cool hunters, the style freaks, the niche, the perfect gift for Pharrell Williams. (He hasn’t returned our phone call yet..)

Old school LED light. (The dim 1980’s kind)
Has all the features you would expect from a Classic Digital Casio.

It’s a definite treat!

- Dimensions: 36.8mm x 33.2mm x 8.2mm (H x W x D)
- Weight: Approx 44g
- Microlight
- Stopwatch
- Daily alarm
- Automatic calendar
- 12/24-hour timekeeping
- Resin case
- Stainless steel band (PVD coated)
- Adjustable fastening
- 7 Years - 1 Battery